marți, 16 februarie 2016

It's a brand new day!

Someone once said to me: you should live for the little things.
Live for the sunrise at 5 a. m. and the sunset at 5 p. m.,
live for the road trips,
for bike rides with music in your ears and wind in your hair,
live for dancing in the rain, live for laughing till you cry,
live for your favorite songs and good books, for smiling for no reason,
for long talks, for tea with cookies,
for resting after endless tiring days, for the glint in someone’s eye.
Live for the night adventures and for the stars that guide you home.
Live for the people who remember how you take your tea, and that you hate onions.
Live for your first kiss and long promenades, for hugs, and for meeting new people,
for unexpected gifts, and the long-awaited ’yes’.
Live for those little things that make you feel alive.

By Zali Zelveger

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